Launching a full digital mobile service in 18 weeks



Telkomsel is one of world’s biggest mobile operators with a customer base of 163 million.* The company has a strategic goal of transforming Telkomsel into a Digital Telco Company and the leader in Mobile Digital Business. *Telkomsel 2018 Annual Report


As part of this digital transformation Telkomsel launched digital mobile service called by.U which was developed specifically for the Gen Z (millennial) segment (15-24 years) which is around 44 million people in Indonesia. In serving these Gen Z customers who live digital lifestyles, Telkomsel needed to set new standards in speed to service, cost to serve and agility to serve this digital native generation. To deliver this innovative digital mobile service, Telkomsel needed a Digital BSS partner who would deliver – on time and on budget.

Openet provided its Digital Business Platform to Telkomsel to provide an end to end Digital BSS suite. This includes:

  • Openet Policy Manager – to ensure network control and deliver the best Quality of Service
  • Openet Evolved Charging – enabling support for new pricing models, real-time charging, rules based rating, rules based self-configurable offer catalog enabling faster time to market.
  • Openet Digital API Gateway – enabling fast interface with any 3rd party solutions
  • Openet Data Fabric – real-time collection and management of data
  • Openet’s partner systems – in Telkomsel Openet worked with 6D who supplied complimentary solutions (e.g. CRM) to enable the end to end Digital BSS to be provided


Telkomsel launched their digital mobile service, by.U, which delivers an end-to-end digital experience. Taking this digital approach eliminates system complexity, and offers a simpler process both for customers and in internal business process. Telkomsel were able to the take the vision of a new digital service and turn it into reality in record time. Openet worked with partners in this project including NTT Group, McKinsey and 6D Technologies to implement this digital vision, built on Openet’s charging and policy systems alongside a suite of other digital enabling tools, in 18 weeks.


“by. U as the first digital prepaid cellular service in Indonesia is a real evidence of Telkomsel’s Transformation as the leading digital telco company, which prioritizes customer centricity in developing quality digital products and services for customers. We need to collaborate with a partner who shares the same ambition so we can provide a full end-to-end digital experience in customer journey. We wanted a support system that could easily be configured to allow us to quickly roll out a range of new attractive offers for our digital native customers and enable us to stand out in one of the most competitive mobile markets in the world. With this collaboration, we certainly hope that Openet’s Digital BSS has the agility that we need, and also that Openet as a company has the partnership-focused attitude to ensure success.”
Edward Ying, Telkomsel’s Director of Planning & Transformation 


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