Deploying revenue generating policy solutions within 6 weeks





This deployment illustrates that Openet Policy Manager can rapidly deliver results for all sizes of service providers. Tele-Post is the leading provider of telecom solutions in Greenland serving a population of 56,000 offering 3G, LTE and fixed network services.


Openet supplied its Policy Manager solution in order to enable Tele-Post to:

  • Reduce complexity across all networks by converging Policy decisions
  • Provide real-time monitoring of data roaming usage for prepay and postpay customer to reduce bill shock
  • Realise new revenue streams through usage limit enforcement with intelligent up-sell offers
  • Manage network access by deploying device type restrictions – limit LTE access to mobile broadband subscribers only


Openet deployed its Policy Manager solution in Tele Post’s VMware virtualised environment. Within six weeks, Openet delivered its pre-configured Policy Management solution allowing Tele-Post to offer their subscribers new tiered data plans and innovative data offers. The time required to deliver new data offers and services was significantly reduced due to the flexibility of Openet’s agile architecture.


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