Policy Express product delivering pre-packaged use cases





HT Mostar (branded for mobile services as HT Eronet) is one of 3 mobile operators in Bosnia Herzegovina which has a population of approximately 3.8 million. It provides fixed as well as mobile services in that market.


After a number of years of rapid growth in mobile penetration, Bosnia Herzegovina continues to evolve rapidly, especially in the mobile market. Openet provided its Policy Express product delivering pre-packaged use cases for rapid deployment of functionality in Bosnia, including:

  • Monitoring of fair usage thresholds
  • Enablement of tiered services levels and quota management on a per-application basis – Enablement of services passes for specific applications
  • Management of subscriber quotas by access network (e.g. 3G/ 2G)
  • Management of access (volume) by device type – Handling of shared data per subscription


By enabling flexible policy functionality on the HT Mostar network, Openet is helping with its evolution to becoming Bosnia Herzegovina’s leading mobile digital service provider and offering a wider range of service capabilities to the market.


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