C Spire uses 5G Policy and Charging across their wireless portfolio





C Spire is a regional telecoms operator headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi in the United States. The company offers wireline, wireless and content services to home and business customers. It is the largest privately held wireless carrier in the United States with about 1,200,000 customers.

C Spire faces strong competition from the large US national players and it differentiates itself from these powerful competitors based on network quality, excellent customer support and value. In order to best serve their consumer and business customers C Spire needed charging and policy solutions that give then the control and agility they need.


C Spire chose Openet’s 5G charging and policy solutions to improve its competitive positioning and customer focus. Openet’s 5G charging and policy solutions support a wide range of use cases including:

• Data Rollover – configure and manage rollover to the next billing cycle
• Shared Data – supports shared group offers
• Loyalty Bonus – for prepaid subscribers a loyalty bonus is granted after pre configured number of recharges
• Fair usage with throttling – when a subscriber exceeds fair usage limit of their data plan, PCC solution will throttle the bandwidth
• Bandwidth on Demand – Upon breaching fair usage limit the subscriber’s bandwidth will be throttled and subscriber can ability to purchase Speed boost pass
• Application Service pass – provides the ability to configure application specific data plans based on rating group
• Spending Notification– When a subscriber exceeds threshold limit (i.e. 80%, 90% and 100%) of the data plan, a notification is sent to the subscriber



Since going live in 2017, the Openet team have understood C Spire’s business needs and expanded our 5G PCC solution through C Spire’s operations with new and innovative use cases.

In 2020 C Spire and Openet announced a multi-year extension for the supply of Openet’s Policy Manager and Evolved Charging solutions. Openet’s 5G solutions will continue to be deployed across all of C Spire’s wireless portfolio.

“The speed of change in the market means that we need a long-term partner committed to innovation, and one that provides the most innovative policy and charging solutions for C Spire. Openet is that partner and we’re delighted to extend our relationship for the coming years. Our collaboration will be key in enabling us to offer the best customer experience and to support our business growth.”

Charles Watson, Sr. Vice President, Network Operations,C Spire


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