Driving ARPU growth with flexible offers





With more than 56 million wireless subscribers, Claro Brazil is a leading service provider in the America Movil Group. Operating in a very competitive market Claro wanted to quickly develop and launch new offers that would drive ARPU growth and increase the number of post-paid acquisitions.


Openet’s Policy Manager enables Claro to quickly launch and control differentiated services and provide real-time offers with the addition of RTOM (Real-Time Offer Manager) enables real-time contextually aware promotion of offers. The offers include:

  • Innovative “Passport” roaming plans to encourage roaming usage
  • Off-Peak / time-of-day offers for modem users (helps manage traffic)
  • Promotional offers, sponsored bonuses, shared accounts
  • Offers to drive new post-paid acquisitions – e.g. Claro has given additional data (Extra Play) for post-paid
  • acquisitions, to use on specific services (e.g. social, streaming)


In Q1 2019, Claro Brazil reported an 11% increase in mobile ARPU. The passport roaming offers were specifically called out in the Q1 report as contributing to this increase. In addition flexible offers have also helped in drive new post-paid subscriber growth, with 972,000 post-paid acquisitions (which was the highest in Brazil), as well as help drive the increase in 4G traffic (over 200% in 2018). Openet’s solution allows Claro great flexibility in how it bundles, prices and promotes its content portfolio to maximise revenues, improve operational efficiency and increase revenues from new services.


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