Enrich CRM with dynamic usage data as it happens

As customer retention depends more than ever on how a customer experiences a brand or service, ensuring a satisfying resolution on a care call is critical to retaining and growing revenues. As operators become digital, a great amount of autonomy is being given to the customer to self-manage. When a customer contacts a care agent today, they have exhausted all other channels without success and are now a high risk churner. So what if the care agent could diagnose the issue in real-time without the customer having to exhaustively describe their complaint? Saving them time and you money by expediting the time to resolve and optimising the accuracy of the resolution.

Real-Time Insights

Openet Real-Time Care Insights is a Salesforce-native data management solution, empowering operators to significantly lower the cost of handling customer care queries by providing a real-time view of the customer’s usage and activity. This is achieved by forming a bridge between the Salesforce CRM and the underlying BSS.

With this fully integrated solution, Openet enable real-time access to customer usage information and account activity, via the Salesforce CRM, in order to resolve billing queries more efficiently to allow for a better customer experience for the subscriber. Result? Improve customer retention and drive down operating costs.

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