Smart Devices and Mobile Broadband are Changing Subscriber Priorities According to Telesperience Survey

June 14, 2011 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland – June 14, 2011 – Openet, the most innovative provider of Subscriber Optimization Software (SOS) to tier one communications and media service providers, today announces the second set of results of a global survey on the state of personalization in the communications industry, conducted by UK analyst firm Telesperience. The firm spoke to mobile customers worldwide who use different types of wireless devices and plans and the results show that wireless subscribers value more personalized offers, price plans, customer support and products from their wireless operators.

The study revealed that an overwhelming 90 percent of those surveyed do not feel their service providers understand them. The rise in connected devices and mobile broadband demand appears to be altering the priorities of subscribers. This gives operators a chance to foster relationships with customers while developing innovative business models to meet future needs.

Good network coverage is now rated more highly than low price or reliable quality of service in terms of the top three things customers value the most. Additionally, 80 percent of customers are now more influenced by factors other than price when choosing a price plan, with only 20 percent wanting the cheapest possible prices. A plan that meets their needs and seems fair is more appealing to customers than what appears to be rock bottom prices.

“Many customers are no longer motivated solely by price,” said Teresa Cottam, research and publications director at Telesperience. “They have come to understand that ‘value’ is more important than the cheapest price possible. However, they are confused and frustrated by over-complex offers and upset that mobile service providers seem intent on rewarding newcomers more than loyal customers.”

According to the survey, subscribers are vocal about what frustrates them most about operator services. Improved quality of service on the networks, better customer service and greater flexibility within contracts or pricing plans were among a few items subscribers would like to change. Mobile service providers should note that meeting these unmet needs holds the potential of increasing loyalty, differentiating the brand from rivals and adding a much-needed boost to revenues.

Additional key survey findings:

  • 86 percent of subscribers report they could be happier with their mobile service provider. This shows a clear opportunity for operators to increase efforts to move subscribers to become loyal brand advocates.
  • 32 percent of respondents said that their service provider only made an effort to understand them when they first joined or around the time of contract renewal, 43 percent revealed they have to figure things out for themselves and 15 percent say they have a completely unsuitable service. Many subscribers report that the offered plans or phones are still not delivering enough value.
  • Two-thirds of customers said that they would like “more flexibility” in their plans.

“Providing increased levels of personalization to subscribers does not need to be a burden for operators,” said Michael Manzo, CMO of Openet. “The tools to improve personalization and enable new business models, while simultaneously meeting the demands of subscribers are available and at operators’ fingertips. Those service providers that embrace this new world of personalization will place themselves in a very strong competitive position.”

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Openet is the most innovative provider of Subscriber Optimization Software (SOS) to tier one communications and media service providers. To succeed, today’s operators must know their subscribers, deploy innovative business models and control the allocation of network resources. Openet's offerings are engineered to attract subscribers and provide an optimal experience, minimize the cost to serve them and maximize revenue—making the most of every subscriber. With customers across the globe, Openet is meeting the needs of operators worldwide such as Vodafone, Orange, AT&T and Verizon. For more information, please visit

About Telesperience

Telesperience is a UK-based analyst firm that specializes in helping CSPs improve their operational efficiency, commercial agility and the customer experience they provide through better use of software and data. See:


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