Performance of Openet Solution on Sun Servers Brings Green Benefits

November 5, 2007 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland November 5, 2007 Openet, a provider of Transactional Intelligence solutions for the world’s largest and most innovative service providers, today announces a new standard for charging and rating processing speed in a hardware footprint, and as a result, reduces the economic and environmental impact for telecom service providers. The new powerful solution from Sun Microsystems and Openet originated at the recommendation of a joint Tier 1 customer, which aimed to leverage cost-effective solutions to achieve a reduced ecological footprint and as a result, lessen the economic and environmental impact for telecom service providers.

The Openet FusionWorks PlatformTM leverages the Sun FireTM T2000 server and the powerful Sun SolarisTM Operating System to aid with charging and rating; together, this solution is able to process 7,000 transactions per second (TPS) for charging and 2,300 TPS for rating per single server. These results far exceed the levels of throughput available from other vendors in the industry, as well as the current requirements of today’s Tier 1 service providers for the hardware footprint used.
FusionWorks is architected to be a multi-process, multi-threaded application, with built in design to take advantage of the Sun Fire T2000 server's chip multi-threading (CMT) technology. This architecture enables service providers ensure that they can cost-effectively scale their mediation, charging and rating solutions in customer networks and datacenters without the need for expensive large-scale hardware deployments with significant datacenter footprints. Sun’s CMT technology takes advantage of the 85 percent of processor cycles that are typically lost while a processor waits for memory. The synergy of FusionWorks’ multi-threaded design and Sun’s CMT technology allows the solution to maximize the available throughput in the solution. Through the new Openet and Sun solution, operators have a distinct advantage in total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for high-end hardware solutions and providing a linearly-scaling blade architecture to exactly match carrier needs, all while concurrently reducing cost, cooling and power consumption.
The green benefits extend far beyond the initial rating and charging solutions and into the datacenter. Sun’s server helps ensure high levels of system uptime through on-chip RAS and redundancy of systems components. In addition, the Sun Fire T2000 draws about one-fifth of the power of other systems, providing high performance along with minimal energy cost and physical footprint. Openet’s FusionWorks Platform is also scalable, lightweight and deployable on an as-needed basis. This uses less time and fewer resources to process the information it captures for its service provider customers.
Openet’s model and capabilities fit well with Sun’s mission of developing reliable, cost- and energy-efficient technology to power the telecom industry, said Don Bunker, director, communications and media practice, Sun Microsystems. This is an important step forward in creating environmentally responsible, industry-wide telecom innovation.
Sun is an innovative force behind today’s telecom networks, helping customers surmount the challenges that come from evolving consumer demands for new content, flawless delivery and error-free back-end systems, said Niall Norton, CEO of Openet. Together, we’re ahead of the curve on promoting sustainable IT and enabling our customers to realize its business benefits and ultimately, our customers will profit.
Openet is an Associate level member of Sun’s Partner Advantage program and participates in the SunSM Sales Connect Industry Engagement co-selling program.
About Openet
Openet is a leading worldwide provider of event processing and transaction management solutions. The Transactional Intelligence of the company's solutions extracts increased value from diverse service provider networks, enabling rapid introduction of new services and reliable, cost-effective management of existing services. Openet is focused on delivering best-in-class network edge solutions and specialized engagement processes that create business value from network activity. A global company, Openet's implementations include long-running engagements with the world's leading service providers such as British Telecom, Orange, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. For more information, visit


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