Openet Viewpoint: Subscribers will Benefit from Net Neutrality Ruling

December 22, 2010 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland– December 22, 2010 – Openet today announced that its Subscriber Optimization Software enables stronger operator competition and better consumer choices within the context of the recent Net Neutrality ruling.  The ruling protects consumers by ensuring that operators cannot block or discriminate against particular lawful content.  It also enables operators to offer more choice to consumers and create a more dynamic, more competitive marketplace.   

A new paradigm of Internet access has emerged.  Especially on mobile devices, Internet access is no longer defined by generic browsing.  Instead, subscribers rely on applications.  Applications for social media, IM, news, RSS, and email have all superseded browsing.  However, this has not been accompanied by a corresponding level of choice when it comes to subscription plans. 

Typically, subscribers pay a recurring “flat-rate” fee for general internet access that includes services they may not use.  By providing additional options for subscribers to pay a reduced rate for a more flexible data plan, Openet’s Subscriber Optimization Software enables a wider choice for consumers, which means increased competition and ultimately lower prices. 

The flexibility provided by the ruling enables operators to provide plans that permit subscribers to build a bespoke set of services and payment plan.  An operator can offer access to a user-chosen set of social networking applications, for example, at a cheaper rate than a general access data plan.  They can enable access-on-demand plans that allow subscribers to pay only for what they consume, with up-to-date notifications of costs.  They can run special promotions that provide cheaper (or free) access during specific time periods.

The Net Neutrality ruling provides benefits for both consumers and operators.  It enables operators to offer new products and services, and protects consumer choice.  Through Openet Subscriber Optimization Software, operators may deploy a competitive array of product and service offerings that are judged by the market and represent a potential for business growth.  Consumers have significantly increased choice, lower prices, and the constant service improvements that competitive pressure enables.  

About Openet

Openet is the most innovative provider of Subscriber Optimization Software (SOS) to tier one communications and media service providers. To succeed, today’s operators must knowtheir subscribers, deploy innovative business models and control the allocation of network resources. Openet's offerings are engineered to attract subscribers and provide an optimal experience, minimize the cost to serve them and maximize revenue—making the most of every subscriber. With customers across the globe, Openet is meeting the needs of operators worldwidesuch as Vodafone, Orange, AT&T and Verizon. For more information, please visit


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