Openet Releases FusionWorks 6

March 24, 2010 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland – March 24, 2010 – Openet, the leading provider of Transactional Intelligence for the world’s largest and most innovative network service providers, today launched the most recent version of its award-winning FusionWorks™ Framework, FusionWorks 6.  This release reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) while offering improved visibility of system performance and status and enhancing support for operations and installation of distributed systems.

FusionWorks is the core software platform upon which all of Openet’s products and solutions are based, acting as an intelligent transaction processing engine at the network’s edge.  FusionWorks processes billions of events per day on telecom service provider and cable operator networks.  FusionWorks currently processes 41,000 rating transactions per second and 430 million charging transactions per hour on operator networks.  By integrating FusionWorks into multiple networks simultaneously, operators can create truly convergent environments to maximize revenue for both legacy infrastructures and cutting-edge applications.

“Evolution is the name of the game,” said Joe Hogan, founder and CTO for Openet.  “As our core markets become more focused on delivering data services, the need for real-time visibility and enhanced performance grows exponentially.  With FusionWorks 6, Openet is addressing the strain that heavy data use brings to operator networks — and providing support for the additional systems needed to successfully deliver and manage data traffic.”

FusionWorks 6 is rolling out improvements in five key areas.  These areas are:

Reduced TCO and improved performance: FusionWorks 6 is optimized to be more cost effective, while overall performance has also been improved.  Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle 11g are supported to drive cost savings and high availability for distributed environments.  Additionally, FusionWorks provides greater deployment flexibility through support for iX86 Xeon with Redhat Linux, enabling reduced hardware costs.

Enhanced operations and 360-degree visibility: FusionWorks 6 provides advanced metrics reporting through its SNMP agent, offering enhanced visibility of system performance, resource usage and other information. This enables real-time, flexible management of network resources to ensure maximum profitability. Subscriber transactions can be audited to provide increased visibility into decisions affecting a subscriber’s service.

Improved support for distributed environments: FusionWorks supports service provider requirements to manage the myriad of issues related to distributed deployments.  Centralized statistics and log storage, enhanced inter-component communications, installation specific parameter configuration, configuration replication across distributed architectures and enhanced network monitoring are some of the key features

Easier system configuration: FusionWorks is highly configurable, and Openet has specifically enhanced version 6 to support easier configuration through installation specific configuration data, support for global parameters and the replication of configuration information across distributed environments. These improvements help to reduce configuration time, minimize the potential for errors and ensure rapid deployment.

Compatibility: The framework supports the latest versions of key platforms and third-party software.

For more information on Openet’s FusionWorks Framework, please visit:

About Openet
Openet is a leading worldwide provider of event processing and transaction management solutions.  The Transactional Intelligence of the company’s solutions extracts increased value from diverse service provider networks, enabling rapid introduction of new services and reliable, cost-effective management of existing services.  Openet is focused on delivering best-in-class network edge solutions and specialized engagement processes that create business value from network activity.  A global company, Openet’s implementations include long-running engagements with the world’s leading service providers such as BT, Orange, AT&T and Verizon Wireless.  For more information, visit


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