Openet Launches Tiered Service Controls for Enterprise, Consumer Subscribers

February 24, 2009 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland – February 24, 2009 – Openet, the leading provider of Transactional Intelligence for the world’s largest and most innovative network service providers, today announced the launch of its Tiered Service Controls solution. Developed as a complement to Openet’s recently announced Fair Usage solution, Tiered Service Controls enable operators to offer data service within various “tiers” of quality and bandwidth, to dynamically allocate subscribers among tiers to best accommodate network requirements. With this solution, operators can intelligently manage network growth, more effectively meet subscriber needs, and better match revenues with network utilization.

Tiered Service Controls enable providers to define data access tiers based on a myriad of variables, including volume, speed, application, and prioritization. More importantly, subscribers can be dynamically moved among these tiers by applying a variety of business rules based on real-time or pre-defined events and conditions. This unique capability provides exceptionally nuanced control over network resources, while simultaneously enabling creative and compelling service offerings. For example, operators may offer a new high-bandwidth access plan – cheaper than the standard plan – that enables subscribers to enjoy the highest tier of service except during peak periods of network demand, when they are automatically reallocated to a lower tier.

Operators as well as enterprise and consumer subscribers benefit from the ability to control allocation of network resources based on the real-time application of business rules. Enterprises can specify access requirements of corporate accounts, meet demands of road warrior employees, and ensure business-grade access; consumers can select level of use and performance in relation to interest and budget; and all subscribers are guaranteed the level of performance they expect.

With Openet’s Tiered Service Controls, service providers can offer and enforce tiered data access plans by:

•Allocating network resources among tiers defined by volume, speed/bandwidth, application type, priority or any combination thereof
•Dynamic application of business rules based on real-time or static events and conditions
•Managing individual subscriber sessions against quota thresholds in real time
•Enabling subscribers to instantly upgrade to higher service tiers
•Engaging with subscribers via notifications including usage, charges and dynamic updates
•Enforcing usage allowances and fair use policies to ensure that subscribers are complying with their service plans
“As the demand for bandwidth explodes, service providers are struggling to find effective ways to manage network bandwidth and meet customer needs without eroding profitability,” said Joe Hogan, CTO of Openet. “By offering data plans that use real-time business rules to dynamically allocate network resources among service tiers, operators can intelligently manage network growth, more effectively meet subscriber needs, and better match revenues with network utilization.”

The flexibility and control provided by Tiered Service Controls solution is just one example of the next-generation business models that Openet’s Transactional Intelligence solutions provide to carriers. By enabling dynamic business control over networks, solutions built on FusionWorks enable carriers to move beyond access services to create and add value within a wide range of rich, interactive services.

For more information about Openet’s Tiered Service Controls solution, Fair Usage, and other solutions, please contact or visit


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