Openet Announces Two New Applications to Align Voice and Data Usage with Service Plans

March 31, 2008 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland – March 31, 2008 – Openet, a provider of Transactional Intelligence solutions for the world’s largest and most innovative service providers, today announces two new applications supported by its FusionWorks Product Suite™. The new Spending Limits and Credit Controls applications help service providers ensure a positive customer experience and reduce the risk of unpaid bills by managing limits for voice and data transactions.

Openet’s Spending Limits solution is a direct result of the limitless consumer demand for converged voice and data services on mobile devices. As smartphones dominate the market, new data content continues to become available and consumers are initiating more mobile data transactions than ever before while still utilizing voice services. To balance the desire for this content with the reality of voice and data service plans and spending, Openet’s Spending Limits solution enables users to limit the data usage ceiling and set thresholds based on time, amount or cost of usage.
The Spending Limits application enables access to a customer self-care portal to view and set limits across individual services, and allows customers to identify current balances in terms of money, minutes or bundles. It also pushes notifications of impending limits to customers and enforces cutoffs once the desired ceiling is reached, while allowing continued access to emergency calls and services regardless of set limits. Additionally, when a ceiling is reached, the user is redirected to a screen or voice prompt stating that the limit has been reached and asking the user whether to end or continue the session—all without interrupting the transaction in progress.
The Credit Controls solution also adheres to pre-set voice and data limits; however, it approaches the challenge from the service provider perspective. Customer dissatisfaction can bring bad debt and negatively impact the revenue stream, and service providers need a fail-proof solution on hand in order to mitigate this risk. Credit Controls enable real-time management of service balances, with configured limits to control customer spending. Additionally, the solution provides notification of impending service cutoffs with options to temporarily override these limits, which are set based on users’ credit ratings and rate plans for the services to which they subscribe.
From a service provider perspective, both applications reduce churn, lower customer complaints from “sticker shock” and reduce bad debt.
The Transactional Intelligence captured by Openet’s FusionWorks Product Suite enables real-time management of spending limits and credit controls. The result is that when customers are approaching a limit, whether self-imposed or set by the carrier, operators can offer additional service packages to be purchased in real time to fill the customer’s current need. This satisfies service providers’ requirements for revenue protection and also maximizes opportunities to increase ARPU.
“By working closely with our Tier 1 customers to identify their needs and engineering our solutions to maximize service provider revenue through the use of Transactional Intelligence, Openet is enabling new services every day,” said Mike Manzo, chief marketing officer of Openet. “The Spending Limits and Credit Controls applications are the first in a series designed to meet consumer demands, protect service provider revenues and support the innovation of next-gen services.”
About Openet
Openet is a leading worldwide provider of event processing and transaction management solutions. The Transactional Intelligence of the company's solutions extracts increased value from diverse service provider networks, enabling rapid introduction of new services and reliable, cost-effective management of existing services. Openet is focused on delivering best-in-class network edge solutions and specialized engagement processes that create business value from network activity. A global company, Openet's implementations include long-running engagements with the world's leading service providers such as British Telecom, Orange, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. For more information, visit


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