Openet announces policy win with tier 1 APAC operator for fixed and mobile services

April 11, 2018 - Openet

DUBLIN, Ireland – 11th April, 2018Openet today announced that its policy management solution has been successfully deployed by a tier one APAC operator, replacing Cisco’s PCRF. As part of the deployment process, the operator also underwent a gradual migration of its total signaling traffic – from a subscriber base of over nine million.

The policy management solution, which utilizes Openet’s Signalling Manager, Policy Manager and Balance Manager functions, will help the operator to manage RAN congestion by throttling zero-rated video content in congested cells for post-paid subscribers, and throttling all traffic of the heaviest pre-paid users. Managing congestion in this way will enable the operator to confidently deliver a consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) to its millions of mobile and fixed broadband customers.

The tier one operator also deployed Openet’s solutions to help deliver a steady flow of additional use cases including policy controls for wholesale and B2B customers, enabling potential new revenue streams.

“The successful deployment of our policy solutions to replace a legacy Cisco PCRF, only goes to prove what we have been speaking about very publically of late - the relationship many large network vendors have with operators is broken and needs fixing,” said Niall Norton, CEO, Openet.

“As demonstrated by this announcement, it’s no longer enough for vendors to simply talk about agility and scalability, they need to act on it. Operators need agile solutions that enable them to act quickly but have, until recently, been stuck with inflexible and very expensive legacy kit. Thankfully, the market is changing and legacy BSS is being replaced by digital business platforms that are characterised by digital APIs, open ecosystems and support for open digital architecture.”

“We’re delighted to be able to bring this to such a respected tier one APAC operator. This is our second significant announcement in the region in the last quarter, which demonstrates the continued momentum of this new approach.”

Going forward, Openet will continue to work with the operator to deploy additional, complementary functions including a Mobile Traffic Detection Function (TDF) to support network security partners, a Ran Congestion Awareness Function (RCAF) for dynamic RAN congestion management, and Policy Evolution to support 5G.


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