ETSI NFV proof of concept demonstrates virtualised real-time OSS/BSS

February 27, 2015 - Openet

MWC, Barcelona, March 2, 2015: Openet, a leading provider of real-time BSS (business support systems), showcases an ETSI NFV proof of concept demonstration of real-time OSS/BSS running on a virtualised environment. It will show how NFV concepts can be applied to OSS/BSS to deliver on the business benefits and improved customer experience that NFV promises, brought by increased system agility, faster time to market, reduced TCO, increased elasticity and greater service availability.

Virtualisation of OSS and BSS functions such as DPI, policy, charging and analytics is essential to achieving a dynamic network environment that can keep pace with, and monetise new service innovation. This extends to access control, and broader revenue handling systems.

This proof of concept brings together a number of industry leaders in virtualised OSS/BSS, Openet, Procera and Amartus, working with OpenStack leader Red Hat, and leading computing innovation company Intel.

The demo will showcase:

  • How virtualised Network Functions (PCRF, PCEF) can be combined to provide Telco grade performance, scalability and resilience and how virtualised BSS components (OCS) can be included to provide a complete distributed Policy Management and Charging Control system.
  • Integrated analytics and orchestration for scaling automation and Virtualised Network Function (VNF) resource allocation, utilising real-time monitoring of VNFs and a combination of historical data and machine learning to predict demand and mitigate underutilisation of assigned resources.
  • How OpenStack support for Intel® Architecture-based systems helps enhance performance

The live NFV OSS/BSS demonstration will be available each day at both Openet (2F36) and Procera (5H61) stands at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Supporting quotes

Luke Ibbetson, Head of Vodafone Group R&D: “Vodafone sees the value of consolidating virtualised BSS and networking functions in the same environment, and champions NFV solutions that dynamically scale and adapt to match the evolving needs of our customers”.

Openet CEO Niall Norton: “For operators to realise the full benefits of NFV, then it needs to be applied to the software that drives revenue generation in operators, namely real-time BSS.”

Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, OpenStack, Red Hat: “The transformative potential of NFV for the telecommunications industry is well recognised, and open scalable platforms are stepping up to deliver on this, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform leading the way to demonstrate its ability to meet the unique challenges CSPs face on the road to transformation.  This POC is one such example of how industry leaders can collaborate and innovate on open platforms to successfully manage multi-component orchestration and interworking with network functions, in this case OSS/BSS, to bring the business benefits of NFV to the industry.”

Renu Navale, Director of the Intel® Network Builders program: “This POC shows that the potential of NFV can be successfully delivered via high performance virtualized network functions interworking with OSS/BSS on Intel® Architecture-based servers and the Data Plane Development Kit. Collaboration amongst the various companies, all members of the Intel Network Builders program, is the driving force behind this POC.”

Mike Kay, Vice President of Business Development at Procera Networks: "This POC demonstrates the true spirit of NFV.  Multiple vendors collaborating to deliver business value to our customers without feature or performance penalties."

Michael Kearns, Amartus' CEO: “This POC demonstrates how a runtime programmable Orchestrator is mandatory for real-time OSS and is a key requirement in order to exploit the benefits of NFV in delivery of dynamic on-demand services.”


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