Essent Kabelcom Integrate Openet Telecom solution to replace former Mediation System

August 7, 2001 - Openet

7th August, 2001; Openet Telecom, the world leader in convergent mediation, today announced the signing of a major deal with Essent Kabelcom, providers of cable TV, telephony and Internet services across the Netherlands. Under the contract, Openet Telecom's flagship product Fusionworks™ replaces their former mediation solution. Fusionworks was selected to provide rapid integration and establish a convergent billing and mediation strategy for the operation of a second Nortel switch, which had recently been implemented into the Essent network to streamline cable TV, telephony and Internet services.

FusionWorks™ is being used to stabilise Essent's second switch, allowing the management of data collection through flexible, scalable, convergent mediation. This solution provides a future-proof strategy that will allow Essent to implement further switch and IP installations. FusionWorks™ will collect subscriber usage information so that Essent can mediate real-time or batch-based billing and manage the complexities of convergent services, including VoIP and payTV. It will also work to enable Essent to target strategic sales and marketing campaigns that will lead to increased revenues and improved value-added services.
"We needed a robust solution that would meet our existing short term requirements but would also offer the flexibility to grow without further investment in mediation. FusionWorks™ offered that," explained Dr. Bas Visscher, IT Manager at Essent Kabelcom. "Basically we didn't feel that anyone else could solve our switch issues, the inflexibility of our existing mediation solution could not solve our immediate problem and we were comfortable that Openet Telecom could provide a solution that could be fully functional in a minimum timeframe."
"The beauty of FusionWorks™ is that it integrates seamlessly into any project that you need it to. Its rules driven nature means that it can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each company and fulfil the expectations that are required of it," added Barry Murphy, CEO of Openet Telecom. "FusionWorks™ is now an established element of Essent's business support systems, again proving our technological lead in the global mediation sector."
Openet Telecom's single solution capability as a convergent mediation provider ensures the versatility to handle any extra switches implemented on Essent's network. The FusionWorks™ infrastructure will operate as Essent's business and decision support system and indicators suggest that it will eventually also be used for customer care, data warehousing, fraud management and churn management.

About Essent Kabelcom
Essent Kabelcom has been involved in Cable TV for several years. The company have been in existence since 2000 after a merge between two large Dutch cable companies. They now supply Cable TV to 1.6 million homes and is the second largest cable company in Holland. With deregulation, the company made a substantial impact in the telephony market, targeting large business customers who which they attracted from KPN. They were the first provider in Holland to provide centrex services (outsourced switch board) to businesses and today provide SME and residential services. Currently Essent have over 300 large business customers.

About Openet
Openet is a leading worldwide provider of event processing and transaction management solutions. The Transactional Intelligence of the company's solutions extracts increased value from diverse service provider networks, enabling rapid introduction of new services and reliable, cost-effective management of existing services. Openet is focused on delivering best-in-class network edge solutions and specialized engagement processes that create business value from network activity. A global company, Openet's implementations include long-running engagements with the world's leading service providers such as British Telecom, Orange, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. For more information, visit


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