With 5G data usage will explode. Service providers need to be ready for 5G as well as managing 4G / 5G hybrid networks. Policy controls networks and services down to device level. This ensures the best experience while managing valuable network resources. 5G Policy can set performance characteristics. Rules can be set for Quality of Service and latency, for different 5G network slices. This means service providers can offer SLAs for 5G network slice performance. Data-intensive services will be delivered with confidence. Services like cloud based gaming and manufacturing robotics can have built-in network performance. This opens up new markets and new opportunities.


Openet is the market leading Policy specialist. Working with the world’s most innovative service providers we know what it takes to manage and control 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

The “Go To” Policy Specialist

Openet is the leading Policy specialist with decades of focus and experience.

Built for Cloud

Openet has rebuilt Policy using microservices for demanding cloud environments.

Easy-to Use for Opex Control

Out-of-the-box “blueprint” policies, deployable immediately or editable.

Monetisation Synergies

Optionally combined with Openet’s Charging and Data solutions for more powerful release of value.


In 5G policy will control and mange more than telecoms networks. From mission critical urLLC where QoS and latency could save lives, to eMBB where policy can deliver the best entertainment experience, policy control is a central part of delivering and managing 5G services.


Managing and monetising consumer (pre & post-paid) and enterprise customers on a single platform

Sasktel worked with Openet to replace their legacy policy and charging systems with Openet’s Evolved Charging Suite and Policy Controller.

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Accelerating service and enriching customer experience

Orange France deployed Openet’s Policy Manager and Evolved Charging solutions to enable innovation to be turned into customer satisfaction and revenue.

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Driving ARPU Growth with flexible offers

Claro Brazil used Openet’s Policy Manager solution to quickly launch and control differentiated services and provide real-time offers.

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5G: From hype to reality


5G: From hype to reality

The increasing role of policy in use cases that will drive 5G revenues..Download this paper to learn which use cases will drive 5G revenues and how policy enables these use cases to be delivered.