Openet’s modular architecture and virtualization support provide unmatched deployment and configuration flexibility. This versatility is made possible by our architectural platform Openet Fusionworks. Benefits include:

Flexible Hosting Environment

Openet solutions are proven in “bare metal” deployments, in fully virtualized environments, and in hybrids of both. This flexibility improves operational efficiency, reduces hardware requirements, and provides elastic scaling to support growing demand even as new functionality or logic is added.

Modular and Extensible

Openet Fusionworks’ modularity and unified data model enable seamless expansion to support the addition of new functionality when needed.

Rapid, flexible configuration

Openet enables accelerated service deployment with built-in “express” configuration of popular services; Fusionworks extends this with support for custom business logic for an unlimited range of services.

Plays well with others

Openet solutions are easily integrated across third party systems and network domains with a flexible integration SDK and library of many hundreds of proven interfaces..