Cloud Native Technology

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Microservices prepares the way for a deployment environment to provide considerable efficiencies compared to traditional deployment architectures. By decomposing key functions as microservices, systems can more easily be adapted, upgraded and scaled to greatly reduce the operational time and complexity. Openet has a pedigree in deploying distributed virtualized software for telecom at scale. We have always designed for a modular architecture and uniquely understand the importance of enabling stateless functions that easily scale yet needing to persist key data in a telco-cloud environment.

In the Openet Forge Platform, we have extended this by re-architecting our software around microservices based on business capabilities. In addition, we segment microservices into those providing real-time time stream processing and those that can operateoutside real-time processing. Whilst a microservices based deployment will deliver deployment efficiencies, it also introduces complexity in managing the software lifecycle.

Ready for Containerization

Taking a lead from web-scale companies including Yelp, AirBNB, and Google, Openet believe a container approach—for example Docker, will increase the development and deployment efficiency of our software. The use of container technology leverages operating-system-level virtualization, in essence it shares the operating system to consume far less compute resources than the virtual machines used today. The automation and lifecycle management capability of Forge is designed to support software deployed in containers.

Openet is aware that containerization for telco-cloud faces additional challenges when addressing the need to maintain carrier grade operations. In particular security concerns impacting kernel vulnerability and container breakout. We will continue to gain deployment efficiencies from innovation in containerization where these will not impact our ability to maintain carrier grade operation.

Why Cloud Native is key to Digital Transformation