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The Foundation on which Digital Business Platforms are built

Introducing the Openet Forge Digitial Enablement Platform, the product of five years of development and evolution. Ready to bring you on your journey to innovation and flexibility by combining the capabilities of the cloud with microservices and DevOps.

Proven Technology

Our technology has been tested and proven to perform in the most challenging telco-grade deployments around the world, and integrated to fit around the most complex of existing environments.

Integration Made Easy

Built for Tomorrow

Ready for what is next? Openet's Forge Digital Enablement Platform is built cloud native using microservices and containerization and refined via collaborative DevOps. Openet's technology won't just enable you to get ahead, it'll allow you to stay there.


Microservices prepares the way for a deployment environment to provide considerable efficiencies compared to traditional deployment architectures. By decomposing key functions as microservices, systems can more easily be adapted, upgraded and scaled to greatly reduce the operational time and complexity.

Ready for DevOps when you are

Ready for DevOps when you are. A combination of designed for the telco-cloud, advanced automated test capabilities and support for microservices based deployment enables our products to support continuous integration and deployment. This delivers the agility that digital service providers need.

Benefits of the Openet Forge Digital Enablement Platform

Resource Management

Quickly create, modify and test new services

Service Monetisation

Embrace new business models


Real-time and personalised customer engagement

Data Analytics

Faster product lifecycle management


OTT and content partnerships MVNO, IoT and enterprise models

Ready to learn more? Contact us to discuss how we can use the Forge Digital Enablement Platform to help your business.