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T-Mobile Netherlands, with over 5M subscribers, is one of the largest operators in the Netherlands. In order to capitalise on the new revenue streams that 4G and digital services opened up, T-Mobile wanted a charging solution that would enable them to be more agile in developing, launching and monetising new offers. This required providing real-time rating and charging for all customers—regardless if they are prepaid or post-paid subscribers. T-Mobile also wanted to get new products to market faster to give them a competitive edge with the ability to react quickly to customer and market advances.


Openet supplied their Evolved Charging Solution, with Real-time Rating, Charging, Centralised Offer Catalogue, and Profile Manager to enable T-Mobile to:

- Provide a centralised real-time charging solution for post-paid and pre-paid customers for data, voice, RCS, LTE and all IMS services
- Provide real-time usage data for customer dashboards
- Support multi-device and family shared data plans
- Support MVNO requirements
- Create personalised offers with Dynamic Offer Catalogue
- Support rapid time to market for new offers with innovative pricing -such as zero rating of streaming music offer


T-Mobile Netherlands can now offer real-time rating and charging for post-paid and pre-paid subscribers, providing subscribers with full transparency and a high level of control of their spend and data usage. Evolved Charging also provides converged IMS charging platform for all services, as voice and messaging are migrated from legacy charging systems. This enables convergent, real-time charging to all customers which, will drive sophisticated charging models and fast launch of innovative services. T-Mobile implemented Evolved Charging as an adjunct to legacy billing systems which enabled a much quicker and cost effective approach than replacing legacy billing systems.