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Videotron is a leader in Canadian telecommunications. As an integrated communications company engaged in cable broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, cable telephony and wireless, Videotron looks to provide a one-stop shopping experience for their customers—one contact with
customer service, one visit from the technician, one monthly bill for all services.

At the root of single billing is converged mediation and network data collection. Videotron saw the need for a flawless, scalable solution to support their data, video and voice business. Convergent mediation acts as the source for convergent billing and thus, helps Videotron achieve their mission of providing customers with the best possible experience, while growing profitability.


Openet supplied its Convergent Mediation system enabling Videotron to:

  • Reduce costs through consolidated billing mediation
  • Increase revenue by ensuring service availability
  • Provide accurate billing for Videotron’s current solutions and set the stage to maximise future revenue streams


Providing the foundations for a one-stop shop and a customer focus is paying off for Videotron. Videotron is enjoying significant growth which emphasises the success of providing a one-stop shop for TV and telecommunications services. For the thirteenth consecutive year, Videotron was ranked as Québec’s most respected Telecommunication Company, based on a Léger survey.