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From Months to Days: Enabling Fast Roll out of New Services with Agile BSS

Telia Lithuania offers mobile, fixed and TV services and is part of the the Telia Sonera Group. Telia wanted agility and speed in their BSS to ensure that they could maximize high speed data revenues by being able to quickly configure new offers and enable a fast time to market. They also wanted to proactively upsell new data blocks when a customer uses up their monthly bundled data allowance.


Openet supplied Policy Manager and Evolved Charging Solution to enable Telia Lithuania to:

  • Provide automatic notifications and renewals of data allocations
  • Enable BSS to support development and roll out of new products and services
  • Support time of day offers, speed boosts and service passes
  • Have the flexibility to quickly develop new pricing plans using rules based rating tables
  • Support the management of data sessions when multiple add-ons exist (offer prioritisation)


Openet Policy Manager and Evolved Charging Solution enable faster time to market and with more flexible offers. For example, to create a new price plan using Openet’s charging solution only takes days. Previously this could take months and was a significant OPEX spend. Telia now has a flexible policy and real-time charging infrastructure in place to ensure that new data offers can be enabled and not hindered by BSS. Telia see the ability for their customers to buy data and service add-ons when they want them as key to providing a personalised service and delivering a better experience.