Orange France

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Accelerating Service Innovation and Enriching the Customer Experience

Rolling out a wide range of new digital services while providing the optimal network quality and experience is fundamental to the success of Orange France. In order to monetise these services and ensure the network quality needed for the best customer experience, Orange France need a long-term, real-time BSS partner.


Openet supplied Policy Manager and Evolved Charging solutions to Orange France to support mobile services.
Use cases include:

  • Premium data bundles with QoS and OTT partnership with content partners
  • Real-time controls for their own offering and MVNO services, including configurable spend thresholds and real-time notifications
  • Dynamic enforcement of terms and conditions
  • Real-time upsell offers upon reaching usage limits
  • Support for VoLTE services

Openet integrated their solutions with network equipment for the collection of mobile data usage, and also with a range
of downstream systems, Openet products deliver the performance and flexibility that Orange France needs to accelerate
digital transformation and enrich the customer experience.


Orange France has a goal of turning innovation and harnessing digital technology and turn it into services that their customers want. Openet is a long term real-time BSS partner for Orange and having such real-time solutions in place can enable innovation to be turned into customer satisfaction and revenue.