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Providing Real-Time Offer Management and Personalised, Contextual Offers

Orange Egypt is the second operator in Egypt. Orange Egypt uses Openet Policy Manager, Interaction Gateway and Real Time Offer Manager to deliver advanced user controls, real-time usage information and a sophisticated channel for interaction with Orange Egypt’s 30 million strong subscriber base. Orange Egypt has used RTOM to drive leadership in data usage and fixed- mobile convergence offerings.

In 2017, Orange Egypt launched commercial 4G service under the banner “4G for Everyone”. The service is a key part of Orange Egypt’s strategy to deliver fast internet throughout Egypt. The operator made every attempt to make it attractive for existing customers to upgrade from 3G to 4G with a variety of promotions and partnerships.

However, a significant number of data users with 4G capable handsets had not used the faster, better data service while continued use of 3G data increased the amount of capital investment needed in the legacy network to avoid congestion.


Orange Egypt identified two groups of so called “silent 4G customers”. The first had a 4G device but not the correct 4G SIM card. The second had the right device and SIM but needed to change the phone settings to enable 4G data. Openet was asked to design a solution to address the two challenges.

The solution designed by Openet for Orange Egypt used Policy Manager to detect the Radio Access Type (3G/4G) , type of SIM card using the IMSI and type of device using the IMEI. These records are loaded to the Operational Data Store (ODS) for analysis and classified as “silent 4G subscribers” if they meet the configurable criteria.


Orange Egypt are delighted by the success of the Openet solution. Response rates have been between 15-20%, as against a 5% uptake typical of poorly targeted programmes. They expect this to rise top 30% as they fine tune the reward amount offered and 4G “silence period” used to target the “silent 4G customers”.