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Enabling First to Market, Driving Best Customer Experience

Magenta (formerly T-Mobile Austria) is a key player within the Austrian telecoms market with 4.6m subscribers. Competition is extremely high in Austria and Magenta must be innovative and deliver flexible offers with a fast time to market that enables them to strive in a very competitive market. By offering features such as data sharing, Magenta can appeal not only to individuals but also to families. Magenta wanted to quickly develop innovative services that would, not only increase revenues, but also increase NPS and deliver a better experience. Openet supplied its Evolved Charging Solution to enable Magenta to quickly develop, launch and monetise new services .


Openet supplied its Evolved Charging Solution to enable Magenta to:

  • Deliver service passes based on varying quota and time periods
  • Provide speed boosts based on time
  • Deliver data service passes based on pre-defined roaming zones
  • Support EU and Austrian data regulations including re-direction and anti-bill shock notifications
  • Launch-time limited offers (e.g. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month)


Magenta is consistently voted by consumers as the most popular mobile network operator in Austria. Being able to quickly develop and launch new offers means that Magenta can be first to market with new services and offers. As well as being fast and agile, the Openet charging solution is also cost effective. As an adjunct system to the existing billing system, Evolved Charging was implemented quickly and cost effectively to enable Magenta to quickly turn innovation into revenue.