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Flexible Package Development of TV Services to Increase Mobile and TV Market Share

With more than 224 million subscribers, Brazil is the largest wireless market in Latin America. Claro is second out of five wireless operators with 25% market share. Video content has been sold as part of the basic wireless data subscription or a low cost bundle or add-on. Monetisation of content services has become an issue in Brazil. Customers expect low prices. But the cost of content, especially premium content has been rising. Claro Brazil looked to Openet to address this challenge.


Openet’s Policy Manager solution supports flexible package development. This includes offers that can be around a range of different options including:

  • Individual content item or groups of content, by content supplier or aggregator,
  • Delivery type (live, streaming, download)
  • QoS and customer location or time of day or day of week
  • Any customer attribute (prepaid, postpaid, tariff plan, corporate, family, individual, fixed or broadband).


Individual customers are prepared to spend on some content types and not on others. Specific classes of content can be sticky to some customer types and not others. Sophisticated and complex segmentation models are needed to match subscriber needs and tastes to propensity to pay, and to improve operational KPIs such as churn and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Openet’s solution allows Claro great flexibility in how it bundles, prices and promotes its content portfolio to maximise revenues, improve operational efficiency and increase revenues from new content services.