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Algar Telecom has been an Openet Policy Management customer since 2008. In that time, Algar has grown its prepaid customer base seven-fold, its postpaid base by a factor of four. Its main focus is on the business and enterprise segment in Brazil. Algar wanted to add new features to better serve its customers. The operator also wanted to improve its operational efficiency and become a more agile, responsive service provider.


Algar’s Openet Policy Management solution consists of:

      • Network policy application modules
      • Offer catalog
      • Data consumption management and high performance, in-memory database functions

As a modular, NFV ready solution, Openet Policy Management allows Algar greater flexibility, agility and scalability. As a truly open solution using open application programme interfaces (APIs), it is easily and quickly integrated with third party software.


The updated solution offers a new level of configuration and customisation options. Openet Policy Manager enables dynamic and real-time control of network resources based on business rules associated with service, subscriber, or service-context types. With real-time control over what, when, where and how, Algar subscribers can access content, applications and services as they please.
Algar can address the market with innovative promotional campaigns through targeted user notification channels. With profile driven, contextual offers Algar will also be able to generate new revenue streams and provide a personalised customer experience.

"I see that the robustness of the Openet platform, as well as the ease of management of rules and policies, contributes significantly to the agility of launching new products to the market."
Rafael Marra, Engineer and solutions integrator, Algar