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Flexibility to Improve Subscriber Experience

A1 Croatia, a member of The Telekom Austria Group, is a challenger operator in Croatia. A1 has nearly 1.7 million subscribers representing 38% of the market. A1 wanted to improve the experience for their subscribers by enriching the relationship through real-time data notifications and innovative offers.


Openet supplied its Policy Manager solution to enable A1 Croatia to:

  • Deliver real-time notifications to subscribers on reaching fair usage limits
  • Create pre-defined URLs exempt for standard sharing rules e.g. Facebook
  • Offer a range of Data Roaming Service Passes based on duration or specific zones


The key result for A1 Croatia was the ability to monitor and track the data usage for their subscribers in real-time. Openet Policy Manager makes it possible for the operator to deliver an enriched portfolio to their subscribers through innovative offers and services.