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Delivering Flexible Offers with Policy Manager

A1 Bulgaria is the leading mobile operator in Bulgaria with 5.6m subscribers. Being part of the Telekom Austria Group,
A1 Bulgaria deployed Openet Policy Manager to enable them to realise their core brand values of delivering infinite
possibilities for their subscribers.


Openet supplied its Policy Manager solution to enable A1 Bulgaria to:

  • Create tiered service plans with varying functionality
  • Deploy shared data bundles
  • Detect and block device tethering
  • Deliver time of day data offers


Openet Policy Manager enabled A1 Bulgaria to create and deploy a range of innovative use cases to meet and exceed the expectations of their subscriber base. Subscribers were given the control to manage their own data usage through real-time notifications and the creation of additional domestic and roaming service passes. A1 Bulgaria also created additional revenue streams by personalising their offerings to reach all segments of the market.