Openet develops best in class business support system software, including industry leading policy and charging control (PCC) software. Our solutions help operators innovate their services within a dynamic and unpredictable market.

To serve the connected world as it grows in size and complexity, operators need to effectively address many imperatives related to their service offerings:

Customer Interaction: Subscribers face increased complexity. To serve them well, operators must engage with them directly, offering relevant service options that can be accessed, purchased, and monitored through their device. 

Digital Lifestyle: Subscribers have more and more connected devices, from smartphones to fitness monitors. Family members each have similar numbers of devices, as do friends. To accommodate this, operators must create services plans that embrace multiple devices, extend across family members, and bridge connections between friends. 

Wholesale and M2M: The industry may disagree on the timing of M2M evolution, whether we’ll see 100 billion connected devices in five years or ten years. But everyone agrees on the importance and scale of the M2M phenomenon. To prepare their networks, operators must manage the signaling and bandwidth impact of these devices, as well as offer wholesale plans that accommodate the merging boundaries between device and service. 

Big Data: There are about 7.5 quadrillion grains of sand in the world. Twice that number of bytes of data are generated each week, most traveling over operator networks. To realize the potential of information scattered throughout their systems, operators must harness and process raw data efficiently and flexibly, both for themselves and on behalf of other industries. 

Network and Systems Evolution: Networks are continually evolving to accommodate more users and deliver a better quality of service. To optimize their investment in these networks, operators must coordinate backend management of multiple networks, must coordinate under what circumstances a devices attach to a particular network, and must enable subscribers to move seamlessly between them.

Virtualization and Cloud: Technical benefits of virtualization technologies for operators include cheaper and more efficient deployment of network systems as well as greater optimization of network functions. Cloud represents commercial benefits as well, with new business models and new customer opportunities. 

Openet solutions prepares operators to deliver innovative, interactive services that meet the needs of a marketplace undergoing rapid evolution.