Openet’s Gy Node is a high performance, context sensitive infrastructure product that relieves policy, charging, profile and other network nodes of routing, traffic management, and load balancing tasks. Along with 3GPP compliance, Openet Gy Node also provides a powerful ability to make dynamic routing decisions based on changing network context.

In addition to the routing capability, the GY node includes functionality for accounting and reconciliation which performs a bytes-in bytes-out reconciliation for each downstream traffic recipient. This is critical to underpin SLA management and provide value added information for transactions from the host network to the MNVO and vice versa. This capability also can instantly report failures to deliver traffic to end destinations and thereby provide quality of service assurance.

The other major component of the GY node is a capacity if required to provide storage of transactions should an end recipient or the MNO not be able to receive traffic for a period of time. This can arise in the case of infrastructure issues, or in periods of very high traffic and thus allow for management of situations requiring overload protection. These transactions can then be processed at a rate that the destination system can manage.