All Openet solutions are available fully virtualized, vendor agnostic and built using Open standards. Our virtualized components are platform agnostic and are successfully deployed in Telco production systems on VMware and KVM and on hardware supplied by HP, IBM and Cisco.

Openet has worked closely with the major Virtualization Layer technologies such as VMware and Redhat KVM to ensure our solutions are optimized to deliver optimum performance very close to that of bare metal performance. Openet has moved from traditional DBMS technology to a fully durable in-memory relational database.  Openet uses a share nothing in-memory database that can elastically scale, is highly performant but still guarantees ACID ((Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) capability. Deployed in a cluster architecture that is managed as a single entity and designed and tested to handle workloads that can run millions of transactions per second.

All components in our solutions are designed to scale linearly, Signaling traffic handling is via our virtualized Signaling Manager which ensures communications load balancing and routing between Openet components and external entities.


Openet is a member of the ETSI Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Industry Specification Group and Openet solutions are NFV Complaint. Deployable as VNFs on NVI using Openet’ VNF manager supporting Open interfaces such as OpenStack REST-based APIs.  Openet’s VNF manager is easily integrated with external orchestration components. This enables full lifecycle management of our solutions including the dynamic management required to enable rapid preparation, deployment and upgrades of our solutions.