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Delivering Game Changing Results

Going digital is about executing more efficiently, running your business through digital channels and leveraging digital capabilities, being ready to sell a wide range of new content and services, and being able to quickly try new business models and enter new markets – while consistently delivering the wow for your customers.

Openet’s Digital Business Platform is an end-to-end solution for digital OSS/BSS and network functions. It uses the Openet solutions that deliver game changing results:

Openet Digital Business Platform

Cloud, open systems and API driven open digital architectures are changing how service providers manage and monetise their business, engage with customers and grow their revenues. Openet Digital Business Platform provides digital B/OSS and network functions to enable service providers to complement their existing infrastructures to provide a pragmatic, less risky approach to digital transformation and getting ready for 5G.

Award winning solution

The Openet Digital Business Platform was a winning solution at the World Communication Awards 2018 under the category Most Innovative Vendor.

World Communication Awards

Digital Journeys

Engaging in real-time on service providers’ app for different customer journeys is only possible if the digital BSS/OSS and network components are working together in real-time to deliver personalised and intelligent engagement. Openet Digital Business Platform provides the integrated, real-time and automated platform to enable digital journeys to have a profitable destination.

Click any of the below buttons to experience digital journeys from all stages of the customer lifecycle, all powered by the Openet Digital Business Platform:

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Digital evolution: cut BSS/ OSS costs, reduce delivery timescales

Digital evolution: cut BSS/ OSS costs, reduce delivery timescales

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The crux of CSP-to-DSP transformation: agile architecture and open platforms

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The crux of CSP-to-DSP transformation: agile architecture and open platforms

Digital Transformation: Reduce the Risks, Reduce the Costs and Deliver Results

Openet’s Digital Business Platform is available on private and public cloud, hybrid cloud and can also be installed on-premise. We also provide different approaches to BSS transformation to ensure a fast time to value at the lowest possible cost and risk. These include:

New Company - New Platform: New digital first operators, 2nd brands and MVNOs are running with cloud based end-to-end Digital Business Platforms with a pay as grow SaaS model.

Rapid Renovation of BSS: This involves picking smaller, faster projects that provide the key functions needed to deliver most business impact. For example, the first project could look at renovation of real-time engagement enabling platforms, such as charging solutions which will deliver considerable value. Then progress to self-care channels powered by best in class charging, CRM, and CPQ. The rapid renovation approach is increasingly favoured as an alternative to the high risk, high cost ‘big bang’ approach to transformation as it enables delivery of ‘quick win’ projects.

Parallel BSS Strategy: In this case the Digital BSS platform does not immediately replace the legacy BSS, but will run in parallel to the existing system. All new subscribers go on this new platform. As existing subscribers sign up for new offers, they get moved from legacy BSS over to the new Digital BSS platform. End-to-end Digital BSS platforms can go in pre-integrated and with pre-defined use cases enabling fast implementations. The use of Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs helps ensure interoperability with all component systems.

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