Wireless, DPI, Caching and Policy Management Wins by Allot and Openet

April 1, 2011 - Openet

Allot and Openet announced (separately) recent wins – unfortunately without disclosing the customers names. Nevertheless, it provides one more proof as for the demand for DPI, caching and policy management solutions in the wireless market (Rami Hadar, Allot's CEO, says that "Mobile now accounts for approximately 40% of our total sales").

Allot announced (here) "five new mobile operator customers since the start of 2011. The operators, which are located throughout EMEA and Asia, selected Allot solutions based upon the Service Gateway .. include MediaSwift, an intelligent media caching solution which accelerates internet content delivery and improves the user experience, thereby reducing peering link costs". (see "PeerApp OEMs to ALU, Allot and BTI Systems" - here).

Openet (recently recognized as the policy management market leader - here) announced "a major policy win with a U.S. tier one wireless operator, including deployment of a suite of policy solutions. The suite will include Openet’s Corporate Spending Controls, Fair Usage, Parental and Content Controls and Service Passes solutions which will replace existing legacy products".

Several months ago the two companies presented a joint solution - see "Allot - Openet: Monetizing and Controlling OTT Applications Use Cases" - here.


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