Openet Announces Win with Leading North American Communications Service Provider on Amazon Web Services

December 3, 2019 - Openet

Openet, a leader in the supply of Digital and 5G BSS, today announced that a leading North American communications service provider (CSP) has implemented Openet’s Policy Control system, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The win comes as Openet continues to demonstrate its position as the partner of choice for service providers looking to capitalize on the new opportunities that are being created as a result of telecoms and digital transformation.

Openet’s Digital BSS and Data Management Fabric platforms are cloud native and fully supported on AWS to provide more deployment choice and agility, as well as the ability to provide flexible commercial models that help to reduce risk and lower operational costs. Openet supports the AWS infrastructure services layer as well as its native orchestration framework using cloud management tools such as AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Identify and Access Management (AWS IAM). In addition, Openet supports fast closed-loop network analytics with AWS analytics and AWS machine learning (ML) services including Amazon Glue, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Athena, Amazon Quicksight, and Amazon SageMaker.

Tony Gillick, VP Product Management, Openet, said: “We made the investment when needed, and we worked with AWS to get our portfolio fully cloud native and our platform live in an operator. While lots of companies talk about cloud ready systems, we have a cloud-native system running in a production environment for a customer. This gives us the ideal foundation to build on our strategic relationship with AWS. With AWS, we can offer more choice for our customers on how they implement systems and we can deliver faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Our customers are changing to become digital companies who need to get new digital propositions developed and launched very quickly. They need to be able to try new business models and test new ideas very quickly without being hindered by legacy technology and processes. With AWS, Openet can support customers quickly and cost effectively”.

Going forward, 5G will drive data volumes to an unprecedented scale. By leveraging AWS, Openet can provide enhanced and flexible scaling capabilities to ensure that the massive data volumes predicted from 5G can be collected, managed and monetized in near real-time. In line with this increase in data volumes will be the impact and opportunities of Mobile Edge/Multi-Access Edge computing (MEC). Tony Gillick, continued: “Openet is ready to support distributed charging and policy models to enable future 5G MEC technology and architectural models. I am looking forward to working with AWS to build on our existing portfolio to develop new existing and innovative solutions that will continue to deliver game-changing results for our shared customers”.

About Openet

Openet provides Digital and 5G BSS to enable service providers to create new revenues from digital services, improve customer engagement and be ready for the opportunities from 5G. Our solutions enable service providers to be more agile, innovative and enjoy a faster time to value.

From monetizing content and data services over 4G to enabling innovative enterprise IoT offers over 5G, Openet’s Digital and 5G BSS offers a fast and agile alternative to the large legacy companies whose track record of over-charging and under delivering has resulted in high failure rates of large scale transformation projects.

Since its foundation in 1999, Openet has been at the forefront of telecoms software development and innovation. Our success is personified by the many long-term relationships it has fostered with the largest, most progressive, and demanding operators across the globe. For more information visit


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