U.S. wireless operator deploys NFV in production

October 31, 2013 - Aleks

NFV implementation at the Tier 1 wireless operator

Openet specifically built a new software version of its policy manager to support virtualization.  One of the key challenges was to migrate customers to the new, virtual system “in service” – meaning no downtime or disruption to its wireless customers.  The wireless operator gains the benefit of scalability (ability to add new capacity by adding VMs) and high performance (the implementation supports more than one million transactions per second).  Over time, the wireless operator hopes the use of NFV and COTS will:

  • Significantly improve its service agility
  • Provide flexibility in system design by eliminating physical (server) constraints with regards to software deployment
  • Allow for elastic scaling of capacity via cloud data center resources
  • Reduce the operational (OPEX) costs of running its network

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