TM Forum: Orange France reduces congestion, revenue leakage

May 18, 2010 - Openet

The operator is deploying Openet’s Policy Manager suite of solutions, enabling greater control over its mobile network.

Orange France said today that it is deploying software from vendor Openet, helping it keep mobile data users on contract while also laying the groundwork for new parental control services.

Orange said it will use Openet’s FusionWorks Policy Manager to help identify out-of-contract use and prevent subscribers from violating the terms of their wireless service contracts. One of the practices on which Orange will focus is “tethering,” a process whereby mobile phones are used as modems to allow laptops to connect to mobile networks.
At the core of the FusionWorks solution is what Openet deems “transactional Intelligence,” based on real-time customer profile and network resource information.
Orange France also has plans to implement Openet’s Parental and Content Controls Solution, which will allow Orange to offer parents and guardians the ability to set limits on children’s wireless usage based on accessed content, time of day and type of service. Built on Openet’s Policy Manager, the Parental and Content Controls Solution also provides controls to prevent access to inappropriate content and services.


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