Telesperience: IT capabilities inhibit personalisation

April 29, 2011 - Openet

Over 90% of product managers and marketers within operators have revealed that IT infrastructure’s inability to support change is causing them problems when it comes to making alterations to existing pricing plans and offers.

Furthermore, some 60% believe that organisational obstacles and IT limitations are holding them back from implementing personalisation strategies.

That’s according to new research from Telesperience which surveyed 63 operators from around the world and analysed the gaps between the marketing goals of creating personalised services and the ability of their IT teams to execute these plans.

The survey, ‘A 360 degree view of personalisation in communications’, was commissioned by Openet, and found that there is a difficulty in supporting personalisation approaches by treating personalisation as an ongoing, dynamic process.

This setback can be especially detrimental considering that operators leading in their personalisation initiatives are reaping the benefits of their own innovation.

Telesperience believes forward-looking operators are tackling more sophisticated market challenges, while less innovative operators wrestle with more baseline issues.

For example, 80% of operators labelled as ‘innovative’ with regard to adopting personalisation strategies are focused on customer service channels, versus 50% of operators classified as ‘trailers’. Additionally, 70% of innovators said they can deliver innovative pricing options, compared to 30% of trailers.

Teresa Cottam, research director, Telesperience, explained that personalisation invloved enabling subscriber differentiation through in-session and device-oriented interactions with customers. 

“This can be achieved via centralised policy controls, charging mechanisms, and subscriber data management tools that enable business rules to be rapidly deployed, both by service providers and increasingly through self care,” she said. “Personalisation isn’t a big-bang approach. It is about insulating the traditional back-office from change and leveraging those investments, coordinating real-time subscriber rules across network access types.”

She added: “Tactical business initiatives, such as personalised subscriber controls, promotional offers, and even opt-in advertising, can help service providers to deliver gradually more personalised options, evolving capabilities toward a strategic solution with a more enhanced customer experience.”


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