T-Mobile Netherlands Picks Openet for New Mobile Services Charging Platform

June 11, 2013 - Aleks

T-Mobile Netherlands has selected transaction management software vendor Openet to provide its charging platform for mobile services.

Openet’s “Evolved Charging” solution promises a flexible catalogue of mobile services, enabling operators to quickly define and launch dynamic pricing models, innovative device plans and support comprehensive combinations of services for its pre-paid and post-paid subscribers.

Among other services, Openet said Evolved Charging enables operators to send subscribers spend alerts in order to cut down on bill shock.

It also provides a usage dashboard, shared device plans and advanced service bundling, such as family plans for fixed and mobile or dual-persona plans for enterprises.

The solution can be deployed either as a standalone online charging system, but also as an adjunct billing system that doesn’t impact existing infrastructure investments.

“Network operators are rapidly evolving how mobile services (data, voice & messaging) are delivered and paid for,” said Niall Norton, CEO of Openet.

He said the solution offered “unrivalled flexibility to enable new pricing models and service innovation”.

The platform can also be used to handle charging models and service entitlements for emerging services such as cloud services, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and OTT partnerships.

T-Mobile Netherlands, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has 4.5 million customers under the brands T-Mobile, BEN and Simpel, as well as a partnership with MTV Mobile and *bliep targeting youths.


Read more at Mobile Europe.


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