Survey Reveals the Future for Traditional Billing and IN Charging

August 12, 2013 - Aleks

As data becomes the main focus for many mobile operators, there is an on-going debate about the future of traditional batch based billing for post-paid and Intelligent Network (IN) pre-paid charging infrastructures.  A recent survey by Openet has compiled operators’ views on this, highlighting some of the key challenges they have been facing with IN pre-paid charging platforms as well as how and when they intend to replace these systems.

Whilst some operators have already initiated the replacement of their legacy IN charging and billing infrastructures with real-time, online charging systems (OCS), many more are expected to follow year after year. 89% of the respondents think that as LTE is introduced, most operators will replace IN pre-paid charging platforms within the next 4 years and 70% said that they will be replaced by real-time, online charging systems (OCS). The same goes for billing systems, with 87% thinking that most operators will replace billing systems with real-time charging systems within the next 4 years.

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