South Africa mobile operator picks Openet charging platform

October 29, 2010 - Openet

A South African fixed-line operator has selected Openet to deploy an integrated policy management and convergent charging system, with its Policy and Charging Control (PCC) architecture. This architecture enables the operator's mobile division to create and monetize new personalized services and maximize the value of the operator's new 3G network. Openet was selected to both deploy next generation policy management and to replace the legacy charging system previously in place. Included are Openet's Policy Manager product, a fully compliant 3GPP IMS Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) and Openet's Convergent Charging Product, the backbone of a 3GPP Online Charging System (OCS). The system will be deployed on both voice and data networks, and offers a variety of charging options to maximize revenue from every subscriber. Additionally, the operator can now dynamically allocate bandwidth and quality of service for existing and future networks. Openet was also chosen based on its ability to easily integrate with other hardware and software components of the new network architecture. This differentiator separates Openet from other providers in the space, and helps pave the way for convergence across all of the provider's voice and data networks for pre- and post-paid subscribers.


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