Real-Time Cloud Service Management | IBM

June 14, 2011 - Openet

Listen to Openet, an IBM Business Partner, discuss the benefits of cloud services. IBM assists Openet in providing their service provider clients with real-time cloud service management and delivery.

Openet’s main tagline is subscriber optimization software and what does that mean as it relates to cloud. In the cloud environment you need policy, charging, and balance management to offer service personalization and visibility into customer transactions. Historical billing solutions are about post-event. What we offer is real-time management and engagement with the customer so the user experience can impact different pricing models.

One of the key aspects of cloud is that service providers want to be able to adapt and manage to changing consumption models as well as manage to changes in dynamic capacity management planning without changing infrastructure. So what Openet and IBM brings to the table is the ability for a service provider to be able to introduce new services without having to spend a ton of capital expenditures and a lot of development cycles.

We offer more of a turnkey, out-of-the-box solution so that the service providers can offer quicker solutions to the marketplace in a much more reliable manner. So from the service provider perspective, the biggest issue right now is differentiation of service. A lot of the service providers look alike except for a few tweaks here and there from a branding perspective. One of the things we view between Openet


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