Could NFV Herald the End of Vendor Lock In?

January 13, 2015 - Aleks

Global network super vendors have traditionally used their size and reach to deliver economies of scale to global operators that agile, independent and innovative competitors have struggled to compete with. This is especially true in BSS. Quite often, the latest technological advancements in BSS have been overlooked by operators as global vendors offer basic functionality for free as part of broader worldwide roll outs. These large organizations baffle operators with tales of potential integration and interoperability issues tied to technology swap out and convince them they’re getting a lot for nothing at all.   

This has led to widespread vendor lock in that is stifling global innovation. For many years most operators have struggled with being locked into complicated and clunky legacy systems by large vendors. The issue has been complicated by the Network Equipment Providers (NEP) themselves and their broad-brush approach to proprietary, non-interoperable and cumbersome OSS/BSS technology. 


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