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PCC Announcements: Openet Launches pre-packaged Solutions

By April 12, 2012 No Comments

Integration and customization of Policy and Charging Control solutions is still an issue (see one aspect – "Service innovation in Mobile Broadband: nothing standard about it" – here).

When Amdocs announced the its PCC solutions (ex. Bridgewater) it emphasized that " .. it is fully productized, featuring productized integration between the Policy, Charging and Product Catalog functions" (see "Amdocs Integrates BWS – Introduces a Charging and Policy Management Solution" – here).

Openet also helps operators to reduce the cost and time of implementing PCC. The vendor launched ".. Openet Express Solutions, a scalable set of pre-packaged Policy and Charging Control (PCC) solutions that address common operator business needs with reduced time to market and operating expenses .. Pre-configured and easy to deploy, Openet Express Solutions help reduce cost of ownership and address time to market".

"Openet Express Solutions package this experience into a standardized and cost effective approach that meets the PCC requirements of Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators. Each Openet Express Solution is designed to rapidly address a specific operator challenge.  Available solutions include the implementation of fair usage rules, the creation and operation of service tiers, and the introduction of flexible data service passes based on time and volume"

By Azi Ronen