Partner Service Controls help Operator Differentiate Service for OTT Partners

August 9, 2010 - Openet

In early July, YouTube announced support for 4k video, which basically means a larger format (4096x3072 pixels), which in turn requires more bandwidth and computers that have the power to process/translate images this large

With this in mind, partner service controls - i.e split billing, session-aware and subscriber network control - are needed in an operator's network to differentiate service for OTT partners, and allow them to head down the path of differentiated services for premier partners.

The world is moving to faster computers, faster pipes and better/bigger screens. The only thing missing is "smarter pipes" and that's where Openet fits in with its Partner Service Controls solution.
Openet's Partner Service Controls enables operators to create new, multidirectional business models by partnering with third-party content, application and device manufacturers to deliver customer solutions, which bundle access and ensure preferential network speed and quality. This allows an operators commercial partners to optimize their individual customers user experience while generating new revenue opportunities.
Key capabilities of the solution include:
"Bundling network access with provider offerings to create a seamless experience for the end user. Openets solution enables the operator to govern entitlement by specialized devices and support billing and settlement with the partner.
"Ascertain that the subscriber is not roaming and that the session is with the premier partner, including ensuring QoS and charging for the use of the service properly, which may include split billing.
"Increasing network speed and traffic priority for content or applications from the third-party partners. This ensures that voice over IP phone calls and user-generated content like file sharing and YouTube do not experience degraded quality, and that multimedia content can be delivered at a higher video and audio quality.
"Avoiding data volume usage limits that exist for end user service plans for third-party partner applications and content.


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