Openet’s TMF compliant digital APIs to enable rapid deployment of digital BSS / OSS platform

February 19, 2018 - Aleks

Openet Tuesday announced the availability of the Openet Digital APIs to enable rapid deployment of Digital BSS and OSS Platforms.

For too long service providers have been at the mercy of large vendors who want to supply all components of BSS and OSS to their customers. The best of breed approach has always had the drawback of that all components would need to be integrated with the resultant time delay and added risk. Now, with the availability of Openet Digital APIs, Openet is able to reduce the integration timescales and risk for best of breed solutions, said the Company.

Tony Gillick, VP Solutions at Openet, “By providing open APIs that are in line with TMF’s Open API programme, we can provide best of breed platforms that are designed and supplied with TMF’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) guidelines, including the evolving Digital Platform Reference Architecture work. This means, Openet can provide Digital BSS and OSS platforms that are built using best of breed solutions which comply with the Open API programme.”

By providing an open approach with best of breed solutions, Openet can deploy end to end Digital Platforms in as little as 14 weeks. Gillick continued, “As well as being able to deploy much quicker, we’re also able to be much, much more cost effective that the traditional telco approach to BSS and OSS.  By using pre-configured use cases, Open API standards, virtualised systems and where applicable, open source software, we can reduce BSS / OSS costs by up to 90% when compared to the legacy players”.



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