Openet Virtualizes Entire BSS Infrastructure

August 11, 2014 - Aleks

Dublin-based Openet, the provider of transaction management software and services, has virtualized its real-time charging system. The company says this builds on the existing virtualization of its policy and mediation systems, its secure API gateway technology and its Fusionworks platform.

By virtualizing its full BSS capability, Openet says it can offer a highly agile and flexible system capable of testing, developing, launching and amending new services and business models much more quickly. This will accelerate the availability of innovative new use cases and applications, enabling operators to generate faster return on investment for their network technology investments.

Openet says it can now enable mobile operators to more rapidly monetize new capabilities including VoLTE QoS management, shared data plans and sponsored data in a matter of weeks. By removing the need to create a full hardware-based environment, Openet has simplified the deployment process, enabling operators to focus on creating new revenue streams without having to deal with issues around integration, deployment and infrastructure management.


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