Openet Tracks Subscriber Usage

October 25, 2011 - Openet

DUBLIN -- Openet, a leading provider of Service Optimization Software (SOS) to tier one communications and media service providers, today announced the immediate availability of the Openet Subscriber Engagement Engine, an industry-first product that gives subscribers real-time visibility into their usage and enables them to directly control, manage and personalize their services, balances and spend.

The increasing cost of delivering against bandwidth demand is driving operators to replace flat rate pricing with sophisticated, personalized service offerings. For these new offerings to be successful, subscribers need a means to select the services they want, monitor their usage of a service in real-time, and avoid the 'bill shock' associated with running up large unexpected bills when roaming or using data services. Openet's Subscriber Engagement Engine provides real-time insight and control by aggregating data directly from BSS/OSS systems and delivering it directly to a consumer's mobile device.

"The Subscriber Engagement Engine is a natural evolution of Policy and Charging Control," said Openet CMO, Mike Manzo. "It enables operators to completely overhaul and transform the customer experience by creating a new channel for dialogue between consumers and operators to drive new business models, reduce frustration, and eliminate bill shock."


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