Openet Survey Shows Operator-Customer Disconnect

February 7, 2011 - Openet

DUBLIN -- Openet, a leading provider of Service Optimization Software (SOS) to tier one communications service providers, today announces the results of a survey on how mobile operators use smartphones to engage their subscribers. The online survey generated responses from senior managers employed by the world’s largest mobile operators, including Telstra, T-Mobile, Telefonica and Verizon Wireless. The survey found that although most operators offer mobile self-care portals, they are primarily used as a one-way communication tool, and are not architected as an engagement opportunity for individual users.

Results of the survey confirm that mobile operators want to provide a personalized experience and engage more with customers through their smartphones, but almost half are not in a position to deliver this experience. While 89 percent of respondents believe that providing real-time service controls would enhance the customer experience, nearly 50 percent do not have these capabilities on mobile devices.

To provide a more personalized service to customers, mobile operators are looking to increase the number of functions being delivered direct to smartphones. The research found that 79 percent of respondents expect to see subscribers setting controls direct on the device in 2012 and 94 percent said that customers should be able to buy and self-provision new services from the device now or later this year.


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