Openet Seeks to Promote Open NFV with Free Version of its VNF Manager

January 13, 2016 - Openet

While there are already initiatives in place designed to encourage a community approach to NFV and thus avoid the perils of competing proprietary solutions, such as OPNFV, Opennet clearly thinks there’s more to be done. The release of a ‘community edition’ of Openet VNF Lifecycle Manager is, according to Openet, intended to “enable the adoption of vendor-interchangeable and interoperable Virtual Network Functions and help operators to realise the benefits that open NFV can deliver.”

“NFV needs to be open, but in reality we see some VNF vendors insisting on delivering a bespoke VNF Manager, citing specific performance or complexity issues,” said Michael O’Sullivan, GVP Engineering for Openet. “The resulting integration effort not only demands that operators provide complex VNF on-boarding processes, but also introduces the danger of vendor lock-in. This will not help with the adoption of NFV, and will impact the flexibility and overall competitiveness of operators.


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